Forward Thinking has extensive experience in the following areas:

Trusted Secure Systems

  • Trusted Kernels and Real-Time Operating Systems - Co-inventors of the NSA certified Trusted Kernel within the AIM chip.
  • Primary Systems Engineers and Trusted Software for 2 of the 3 NSA certified Crypto Processors.
  • Trusted Real-Time Embedded Systems
    • NSA (Cryptographic Systems, INFOSEC Modules, C4I, ...)
    • Commercial (Smartcard, Transaction Servers, ...)

Key Processing and Management Techniques

  • Type-1 Cryptography (ACCORDION, JOSEKI, FIREFLY, ...)
  • Standards (EKMS 308, EKMS 217, EKMS 608, NSA 87-27, NSA 90-02A,  ...)
  • Commercial Cryptography (AES, DES, Triple DES, DSS, SHA, RSA, MD-5, ...)

Communication Protocols

  • DS-101, DS-102, 802.1 (Ethernet), USB, ...

Development Process (SEI CMM Level 3, J-STD-016-1995)

  • Architecture (System, Software, Hardware)
  • Project Management
  • Rapid Application Development
  • System Modeling
  • Advanced, Repeatable Testing Techniques (Simplified Regression Testing)
  • Object Oriented Development
  • Languages
    • C, C++, Assembly Code, Ada, Java, FORTRAN, Perl, ...
    • Microsoft (VC++, Visual Basic, IIS, MFC, COM/DCOM, .NET, C#, SQL Server, Windows 2000/XP, ...)

Integration Services

Tool Development

Graphical User Interface Development

Database Development

Communication Systems Development

Digital Hardware Design (FPGAs, VHDL)

Forward Thinking, Inc. provides various engineering services from Consulting to Subcontracts.  We are known for high quality, fast turn-around, and low pricing.

We have expertise in all phases of development in the areas of Systems Engineering, Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering.

We are experts in embedded systems, especially those with high levels of security.