FTT device

DS-101 and DS-102 Simulator/Analyzer - DoD Standard Key Fill Tester

The FTT is the golden ruler for testing DS-101 and DS-102 implementations.  By far, the most widely used DS-101 and DS-102 tester and debugger.  Used by all branches of the US DoD, almost all defense contractors in the US as well as throughout the world.  Used and Trusted by NSA and ALL cryptolabs of the US Military.  Used and trusted since 2001.

What is the FTT? (Datasheet)
  • Provides EKMS 308 compliant DS-101 and DS-102 Interfaces
  • Fully supports both Primary Station and Secondary Station functions
  • Fully compliant with EKMS 308, EKMS 608, EKMS 217 (Benign Fill), NSA 90-02A (Thornton), and EKMS 304
  • Provides ability to inject errors into both the Link Layer and the Frame Layer
  • Provides all functions available in a Data Transfer Device (can act as a DTD, SKL, etc.)
  • Provides man-in-the-middle monitoring of the DS-101/DS-102 traffic
  • Can be customized to interface to your target system environment
  • PC-Based enclosure (fits into a standard 5 ¼” bay)   12 Volt PC power connnector.

When is FTT Available?

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How does the FTT work?

  • Simple to use, powerful, scripting language based for execution in Windows GUI or command line
  • Supports DS-101 over RS-485 and RS-232  (including wakeup) with programmable bit rate
  • Supports all EKMS 308, EKMS 608, EKMS 217, and NSA 90-02A functions for both Primary and Secondary stations
  • Supports DS-102 negative 5V logic interface for transmit or receive with programmable bit rate
  • Application Program Interface via Java Library
  • Application Program Interface via DLL

Where does the FTT fit into your development/test/production environment?

  • FTT can be used in the development of your EKMS-based products by using the FTT as either a Fill Device or an ECU
  • FTT can monitor either DS-101 or DS-102 communications and interpret frames to aid in debugging.
  • FTT's script files can be used for the creation of a reusable test suite common to all of your EKMS-based products

Who does FTT benefit?

  • Anyone who needs to interface to an EKMS 308 and/or EKMS 608 compliant device (e.g., DTD, SKL, KYK-13, etc.) in the development/testing/production of new products
  • Anyone needing insight into the DS-101/DS-102 protocol to see where a failure is occurring
  • Anyone with a product that has a standard or custom interface that desires a regression test environment

Why use the FTT instead of a standard key loading device?

  • Easier to use than a DTD/SKL/KYK-13/etc. device (Windows GUI based using simple scripts)
  • Allows hand entered commands to be automated to reduce errors and increase the efficiency of your team  and allow easy regression testing
  • Provides more control of performing EKMS-based functions

Additional FTT information: