Home of the FTT, the most widely used DS-101 and DS-102 tester and debugger.

The FTT is the defacto standard for testing, simulating, analyzing, and debugging DS-101 and DS-102 Fill Protocols.

Used by NSA, ALL branches of the DoD, most US defense companies, and many international companies.

Forward Thinking, Inc. are a proven and leading supplier of:

NSA Information Assurance Solutions

  • Key Management

  • Cryptography (Type 1 and 2).




Testing and Simulation Products

  • EKMS308, EKMS217(Benign Fill), EKMS304, NSA 90-02A(Thornton) and EKMS608 compliant

  • DS-101 (RS-485 and RS-232) and DS-102 interfaces

Fixed-Priced/Fixed-Schedule Contracts

  • No haggling price due to minor changes to requirements or deliverables

  • We adjust to meet your schedule

Drastically Reducing Your Cost and Schedule

  • Cost typically 25% to 50% less than any of our competitors

  • Schedule typically 50% less then expected

Commercial Security

  • Smartcards

  • Key Management

  • Secure Transactions

Consulting Services

  • On-Site Tiger team

  • Research and Development