Forward Thinking has extensive experience in the following areas:

Trusted Secure Systems

  • Trusted Kernels and Real-Time Operating Systems - Co-inventors of the NSA certified Trusted Kernel within the AIM chip.
  • Primary Systems Engineers and Trusted Software for 2 of the 3 NSA certified Crypto Processors.
  • Trusted Real-Time Embedded Systems
    • NSA (Cryptographic Systems, INFOSEC Modules, C4I, ...)
    • Commercial (Smartcard, Transaction Servers, ...)

Key Processing and Management Techniques

  • Type-1 Cryptography (ACCORDION, JOSEKI, FIREFLY, ...)
  • Standards (EKMS 308, EKMS 217, EKMS 608, NSA 87-27, NSA 90-02A,  ...)
  • Commercial Cryptography (AES, DES, Triple DES, DSS, SHA, RSA, MD-5, ...)

Communication Protocols

  • DS-101, DS-102, 802.1 (Ethernet), USB, ...

Development Process (SEI CMM Level 3, J-STD-016-1995)

  • Architecture (System, Software, Hardware)
  • Project Management
  • Rapid Application Development
  • System Modeling
  • Advanced, Repeatable Testing Techniques (Simplified Regression Testing)
  • Object Oriented Development
  • Languages
    • C, C++, Assembly Code, Ada, Java, FORTRAN, Perl, ...
    • Microsoft (VC++, Visual Basic, IIS, MFC, COM/DCOM, .NET, C#, SQL Server, Windows 2000/XP, ...)

Integration Services

Tool Development

Graphical User Interface Development

Database Development

Communication Systems Development

Digital Hardware Design (FPGAs, VHDL)